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Your Brand Starts Here.

Rule1 Agency's professional logo design and branding service transforms ideas into iconic symbols that make a lasting first impression and communicate your unique story.

Imagine strolling into a business meeting rocking your comfiest pajamas – not the best look, right? We know that first impressions matter. You want to be radiating confidence, capability, and trustworthiness. So maybe ditch the PJs and go for a business or business casual look.  


Branding is the first impression of your business – it's how people are going to get to know you. It's also the secret sauce that makes you stand out in a sea of competitors. Beyond that, it's the connection you build with your audience, a way to communicate your brand's personality and values. It's not just a logo, it's how your business engages with the world.

What do you want people to think about your company? Picture a sleek logo and visual identity that not only looks good but brings in real results. Want to bring that idea into reality? Let's dive into it together with a FREE consultation.

Make a Lasting First Impression




A modular package built to balance business needs with budget.



Logo Design

Alternate Logos: Square/Icon and Tagline

3D Logo and Animated Logo for Video

CMYK, RGB and Pantone Colour Options

AI, PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG and EPS Files

*Final Files will be delivered in color, black, and white

3 Custom Logo Design Concepts

3 Rounds of Revisions Included

Unique Design Guarantee


Brand Identity

Brand Identity Guide

Graphic Elements: Brand patterns & Textures

Color Palette


Imagery and Photography Style

Mission, Vision, Value Proposition, Tagline, Company Values and Tone

Customized Business Card Design

Customized Stationery and Collateral: letterheads, envelopes, email signature, presentation title card, social media profile banners


Ecommerce Website

Flyers, Brochures, Print Items

Tradeshow Booth

Storefront Signage

Interior Design

Individuals & Startups


Exclusive discount package for qualifying* startups, entrepreneurs & founders.


Logo Design

Logo Reference Guide

CMYK, and RGB Colour Variants

PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG and EPS Files

Final Files will be delivered in color, black, and white

Standard Business card design

2 Custom logo design concepts

2 Rounds of Revisions Included

Unique Design Guarantee

*Must have been incorporated less than 2-3 years ago and less than 10 employees. Proof will be required for the discount to be applied.


For companies that require a more in depth agency experience, we recommend contacting us for pricing.


Your Brand Identity Starts With A Consultation


In this free consultation, we'll win your trust, explore what you want to communicate, and determine a package that makes the most sense for your business’ needs. Our flexible pricing strategy means you’re never stuck paying for more than you need. Book now, and let's make your brand stand out!

With a wealth of experience in crafting compelling brand identities, we understand the nuances of effective branding. Our professional logo design services are tailored to ensure you communicate the perfect message to your customers and investors, setting you up for a powerful and impactful start

We're Rule1, your go-to creative agency for top-notch branding and logo design services.

We Also Offer

Brand Revitalization

Revitalize Your Brand with a Brand Refresh

Pitch Deck Design 

Elevate Your Presentations with Pitch Decks

Business Consultations 

Navigating the Business Landscape

eCommerce Websites 

Launch Your Online Storefront

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