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Unlock Your Potential With Business Coaching

Having expert advice by your side is invaluable as you venture into the Canadian market. At Rule1 Agency we understand that the patch to success is not one-size-fits-all. Our seasoned business coaches bring a wealth of experience and industry insights to help you succeed.

1:1 Business Coaching with Ken Wan

I started down the entrepreneurial path at a young age as a serial entrepreneur. I had zero answers, zero experience in most aspects and I didn’t have the luxury or the network to find the right mentor. This was devasting for the first few attempts at starting a business. Worrying about things that have yet to happen and missing opportunities to scale was a
constant ever-present danger because of survival mode in an uncharted enterprise.

While that age of experience faded years ago, I still look back and think what I could have accomplished if I had better guidance and a broader more experienced scope of the world coupled with that young energetic enthusiasm to tackle it. After decades of riding a roller coaster of success and failure, you do eventually understand the lay of the land.

For the past 20 years, my startups have matured with the industry and our reputation has become one recognized all over Canada. From $0 to 7 figures
sales, 1 to 25 employees, 3 locations across Canada and the leading partner for all of our vendors. Stats are stats but what really matters is that it has met my definition of success and I’m still in love with what I do and who continues to come with us on this journey.

I still retain my can do attitude as a self-made, self-funded entrepreneur but now I can see the forest and not just the trees. I also realize it’s time to pass on my experience and wisdom since that can help new entrepreneurs with great ideas transition into great execution as well. This way I can be of greater impact than just myself by amplifying your effectiveness in the marketplace.

No one is an expert at everything and I’m the first one to be humble about that. To get the most out of my experience, here are some themes that you
would like to have guidance on.

  • Starting a business with very little resources and want to make the most of it

  • Edging out a slice of business in a crowded industry with innovative marketing

  • Transitioning from self-employment to businesses with a stable team

  • Scaling your business from side hustle territory to full-time supporting you

  • Navigating the hurdles of sales, marketing, legal, accounting

  • Heartfelt advice that might be hard to hear but is what your business needs

  • How to deal with the stresses of entrepreneurship and your relationship with family, employees, business partners and most importantly, yourself.

Ken Wan Coaching Sessions

In this 30 minute mentorship session small business owners are invited to gain valuable insights from Ken Wan's wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and leadership.

30min - Ask me Anything, General Mentorship


Whether you're looking to refine your business strategy, optimize marketing efforts, or enhance leadership skills, this tailored session provides a comprehensive exploration of essential entrepreneurial elements. Equipping participants with the knowledge and strategies needed for sustained success in today's business landscape. 


Includes an additional 15 Minute discovery call to identify the information needed to have a truly impactful session.

1 Hr - Focused Session


Serving as an award-winning Executive Creative Director for Rule1 Agency and a former Director of Marketing for, Sarah offers invaluable coaching for small business owners. With a proven track record in steering successful marketing strategies and creative teams, Sarah brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen. Gain strategic insights and proven tactics from Sarah's experience to propel your small business towards creative excellence and marketing success.

1:1 Marketing Mentorship with Sarah Caracciolo

Marketing Sessions

Drawing on my experience in the creative industry, I can make suggestions to refine your marketing and design direction, ensuring a strategic and impactful approach.

30min - Ask me Anything


Don't leave your customers lost as you struggle to convey value! We'll work on crafting concise and compelling messages that effectively communicate the value of your product, service, or brand in a brief and memorable way. Increase conversions with a strong value proposition.

Includes an additional 15 Minute discovery call to identify the information needed to have a truly impactful session.

1 Hr - Focused Session: Powerful Pitches


A brand is more than a logo. Recommended for businesses that don't have a strong identity, we'll work to strengthen your brand by defining goals, customers, mission, vision, company values, tone and value proposition. 

Includes an additional 15 Minute discovery call to identify the information needed to have a truly impactful session.

1 Hr - Focused Session: Brand Development


Have a campaign or landing page that is under performing? I can help. We'll go through our checklist for success to identify inefficiencies and see what can be improved. From messaging to usability, you'll walk away with a list of improvements so you can succeed.

Includes an additional 15 Minute discovery call to identify the information needed to have a truly impactful session.

1 Hr - Focused Session: Optimize Your Marketing


Whether you're seeking mentorship, strategic guidance, or comprehensive marketing plans, we've got you covered. From crafting essential elements like logos and brand identity to developing impactful e-commerce websites and eye-catching marketing materials such as postcards and flyers, we offer the must-haves that set your business apart. 

At Rule1, we help small businesses succeed.

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