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Fuse 1 Super Showcase

Lead collection campaign

The Formlabs Fuse 1+ is an affordable, compact selective laser sintering (SLS) platform for producing custom nylon parts. This system is designed for maximum productivity allowing you to produce more parts in one run. When paired with the Fuse Sift, you can recover up to 90% of the excess material for re-use. is the leading reseller of professional 3D printers and scanners in Canada. Offering top brands such as Ultimaker, Formlabs, Raise3D, and Shining3D, they provide high-quality equipment and exceptional support to manufacturers, government agencies, educational institutions and businesses. With showrooms in Mississauga and Vancouver, customers can experience a full-service reseller firsthand. Take your business to the next level with's expert guidance and top-tier customer support.

Challenge: Shop3D needed to effectively educate potential customers about their new product offering, while also creating a personalized experience that would generate leads.

Solution: To tackle this challenge, we developed a multi-pronged approach that includes a webinar, whitepaper, sample part and free consultation to provide value at different evaluation points.

Super Showcase:
Our Super Showcase is not just another pre-recorded webinar. Instead, it's a comprehensive video that condenses all the essential information into just 15 minutes. Viewers get an in-depth look at the product, including the philosophy behind its creation, the workflow, materials, and tips for maximizing packing density and post-processing. The webinar features a Formlabs 3D Printing Specialist and the Shop3D team, ensuring that the information is both authoritative and engaging.

Landing Page:
We designed a custom landing page to support the video, with the goal of capturing leads at different evaluation points. The landing page is optimized for lead collection, ensuring that potential customers can easily access the information they need and take the next step in the process.

Whitepaper: Free Guide to Selective Laser Sintering
For those looking to understand the differences between SLS and other 3D printing technologies.

Super Showcase
For people looking to learn more about the system itself, from design philosophy to setup and execution of a print. This video is perfect for those who are ready to dive deeper into the product and explore its capabilities.

Free Sample Part
For people who want to evaluate the quality of an existing part or are looking to evaluate based on a design they already have.

Free Consultation
For those who are ready to talk to a real person,'s experts are standing by to answer their questions and provide additional information.

Overall, this campaign is focused on providing high-quality educational content with a low barrier to entry. By providing value at every stage of the customer journey, we're able to generate and qualify leads, allowing Shop3D to focus on providing a great customer experience and helping potential customers find the right solution for their needs.

We're passionate about creating compelling content that drives results. If you're looking to create a winning campaign for your brand, let's talk about how we can help.

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