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UltiMaker North American Launch

UltiMaker is a 3D printer manufacturing company known for their reliable hardware and open source Cura slicing application. Founded in 2011 and based in the Netherlands, they've recently merged with a fellow leader in desktop 3D printing: MakerBot to continue their goal of providing easy-to-use and accessible 3D printing hardware, software and materials.

Challenge: 3D Printing videos are slow, sterile and bright while all featuring similar content. Could we make a drastically more interesting video, with a focus on experimentation and art? Yes! By adding abstract concepts and beauty shots that are daring, fun and fast we can create a more engaging video to build hype around this product launch.

We collaborated with UltiMaker on their highly anticipated North American launch campaign,  leveraging our expertise to build excitement for the brand in a new market. Our goal was to build the same excitement for the brand that had developed in Europe, where they were one of the top 3D printing companies. Creative Director Jacky Wan utilized his expert knowlede of 3D printing to prepare a plan for the launch. Our skilled team worked tirelessly to create four exceptional videos in just 3 weeks.

For the pre-launch teasers, our goal was to pique interest within the 3D printing community, generating buzz and anticipation for the main event. To achieve this, we crafted three videos that each showcased a 3D print, subtly hinting at the announcement to come. Using striking visuals, including a sleek logo and a dark, mysterious aesthetic that highlighted the beauty of UltiMaker's products, we differentiated the teasers from other 3D printing videos at the time.

Despite tight timelines and lengthy 3D printing times, we delivered quality work on schedule. Thanks to the reliability of UltiMaker's software and printer, we had no failed prints or disruptions during filming. We were proud to showcase a product that delivered on its promises.

For the launch announcement, we knew we needed a video that could convey complex information in an engaging way. Our solution was a half-animated, half-live-action mix that brought UltiMaker's story to life. The animation included icon-style graphics and 3D rendered pseudo-real materials, helping to visualize abstract concepts.

Our final shot was a coordinated jib move with the printer completing a print. To achieve this challenging shot, we created a custom 3D printing profile that allowed us to run multiple takes without having to run a full print each time. Our focus was on getting the perfect shot while working efficiently.

If you want to build buzz and excitement for your brand with an exceptional video campaign, let's chat.

Client:  Ultimaker B.V.

Produced by: Rule1 Agency (Canada)

Creative Director:  Jacky Wan, Rule1 Agency

Director of Photography:  Kenneth Wan, Rule1 Agency

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